Top 4 Places To Find Basketball Agents, Agencies, or Sport Managers

As the 2013 NCAA Season comes to a close, many players will be asking a very popular question, how do I find an agent?

I wish the answer was as simple as the question.  The truth is, agents aren’t normally people you just go off and find.  Normally, its the other way around–they find YOU.

BUT, it’s always OK to be super-proactive and market yourself, as long as you’re presenting yourself professionally, and in a way that you will be taken seriously.  That too is alot easier said then done.  Ok enough chatter, you’re looking for an agent. Here’s where to start.


Whether you’ve been contacted by an agency and you want to find out if they’re legit, or you want to know about some of the biggest sports agencies in the world, is the place to go. They have a really good sports agent directory.

Just don’t expect to find every agent in the world.  If an agency is listed on Eurobasket, then their paying up to $1000 a year just to be on there.  And it’s not so players like you can find them.   It’s so teams can.  So whatever you’re gonna do to get their attention, it better be able to knock their socks off in a really short period of time.

Be ready to do some digging before you can expect to find contact information. But if you dig deep enough you’ll be able to find some email and phone numbers.  You also better be ready to present alot more than some youtube videos.


This site is amazing.  We posted a recent article about how to start with the clients list when considering an agent.  If you need to do that, the agents – clients list on is where you need to go.   Even if you haven’t sparked the interest of an agent, you’re more likely to find an agent’s contact information on this site.


Be ready to send them much more than some youtube videos. Youtube videos are a very small piece of professional marketing package.  If all you have is a youtube video, and a dream, then expect to be sitting at home dreaming about playing basketball come January.

It might even be a good idea to ask them where they’ll be scouting this offseason, then go there, introduce yourself, and ball out.


This site is really powerful.  Having a FIBA license grants agents the permission to legally sign contracts that are valid for international basketball.  This site allows you to search every agent or agency in the world that has that license.

There are ways a person can act as agent, and then get someone with a license to execute the contract. BUT that person better be explaining themselves that way.  It’s really simple to find out.  Ask em if they have a license.  If they say they have a FIBA license, then their ass better be on this list or their lying.


OK we threw a little bit of self-promotion in here. But there’s truth and knowledge behind this so keep reading.

The iBall Pro Combine is a great way to connect with agents because of the way it’s set up.  If you know anything about the agency network, and the probability of you signing with a particular agency by going to their camp, then you can appreciate this.  If you don’t know what I’m referring to, then watch this.

The iBall Pro Combine allows you to connect with multiple agencies–before, during, and after camp.  Our Multi-Media marketing plan for every player that attends, will you present  your game to agents AND team management–in pretty much every region in the world.

Our consultative services help you to learn everything you know to protect yourself and ultimately add dollars to the bottom line when you negotiate your deal.

Learn more about how iBall United is helping players to build and sustain professional careers.  Contact us below or visit our website at

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5 Responses to Top 4 Places To Find Basketball Agents, Agencies, or Sport Managers

  1. Chris Edwards says:

    Im looking for a good agent im tryna play overseas

  2. Anonymous says:

    My name is Chris Edwards an im tryna find a good agent

  3. Deng Richard says:

    All I need is play over seas with my long legs since I’m 7.1 feet

  4. Looking for a good agent!

  5. Looking for a good agent!!

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