Choosing the Right Agent: 4 Things To Learn From the Clients List

I’ve been getting this question alot lately so I thought I’d share.

Its always great to feel wanted and appreciated.  That goes for anybody.

But when it comes to being appreciated for the way you play basketball, and being wanted by somebody who says they’re gonna help you get paid to play–that feels special.

OK. Breathe. Get over it. and get down to business.

All sports managers aren’t built the same.  And even a really good ones can turn out to be the wrong fit.

Start with the current list of clients. Asks Questions. Get Answers.

The Clients List

Where You Can Find It

Most sports managers have the players they currently represent listed on their websites.  Some also have their players’ bios and  marketing packages on there to help with exposure.  Other don’t.  It doesn’t mean their bad at what they do, it just means they haven’t chosen to get the website workin’ for em.   iBall can help HMU 🙂

If the players aren’t listed on the website, then just ask the agent if you would know any of their current players. Or if you can contact any of his clients.

Just understand that they won’t be giving you the number of someone they’ve come to bad terms with.  That’s like a barber tellin’ you to call someone whose head he just jacked up–not happenin’.

What the Clients List Can Tell You

1. Can One Of the Current Clients Help You?

Maybe you played with or against some of the current clients.  Maybe you have friends that played with them.  Even if they don’t know you from Adam (or Eve), contact them.

Look em up on facebook or twitter.  The current client will be the absolute best resource to tell you everything about the agent’s representation.

2. Are They Well Networked?

One of the most important things players need to understand is how the agency network functions.  How commissions are divied out and how it affects you as a player.  But before you get a firm grasp on that concept, the easiest thing to do is look at where the agent is placing players.

The client list will be able to tell you where his current players have played.  Those countries are where the agent’s connections are.

But  to the agent’s defense. If the company is young, and the list isn’t that big. You gotta cut them some slack. It’s a competitive business.  If they’re good at what they do, that number of countries will continue to grow, and so will the paychecks.

3. Can They Get You Where You Wanna Go?

For example. Say you look at the list and you see 10 players.  8 of the 10 players are signed in Peurto Rico.  The other 2 are signed in Australia and Mexico.  If your goal is to play in Europe, then it may be difficult for this agent to deliver.

Ask questions up front about the countries and amount of teams that the agent has contacts with.  This point is often overlooked.  Most agents don’t have the luxury of picking up the phone and speaking with the GM of every team in every country.

4. Where Do You Fit In?

Does the Agency have room for a player like you? If most of the current players are similar in position, size, and playing style, then it may make it harder for that agent to find you a team.  But again, that depends on the amount of countries and teams they have relationships with.

I share information like this in my Pro Exposure Camp Guide. Its a free email list. I tell you about iBall Pro Exposure Combine,   but I also share really good tips to help you make the best decisions for your career.  If you want it, register here.

Good luck!

Howard-iBall United

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