Hargrove, Peltier, Bell, Weingarten, Moore, and Medeiros Claim 2015 Men’s iBall Pro Combine First Team Selections

PRO FILE REVIEW ICONWe’re excited to announce the 2015 Men’s iBall Pro Combine (iBPC) First Team selections!  Choosing the ‘cream of the crop’ was not an easy task this year because the pool of talent at #iBPC2015 was very deep.   Player Experience ranged from 13 players with Professional Experience at the International level, 14 Players with US Semi Pro Experience (including the NBA Development league), 10+ NCAA Division 1 Athletes, and many other Canada D1, NCAA D2 and D3 All-Americans.

Scouting notes were compiled under the direction of Crista Ricketts, International Scouting Director of iBall United.    Results of Athletic Tests conducted by MAXOUT were considered with Game stats and skills evaluations derived from sessions with the team at  The Original Profender.

So without further adieu, we are excited to announce the 2015 Men’s All-iBall Pro Combine First Team!


KENDALL HARGROVE ( 6’3″ 190lb  SG/SF  NCAA D2  no agent)

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 6.18.16 PMAt first look, Kendall Hargrove‘s superior speed and leaping ability (39″ vertical) are easy to catch the eye. But after a true evaluation, Hargrove proves to be an all-around player with a complete package of offensive and defensive skills. Hargrove battles on every possession–offensively and defensively. Whether scrapping for rebounds, hustling for loose balls, or using active hands to make deflections and steals, he stays extremely active at all times that he is on the court.

On offense, he is a very patient and efficient player.  Hargrove’s slashing and ball handling ability allow him get to the rim at will.  He is a high riser with great balance, footwork, and ball handling ability, allowing him to attack the rim relentlessly.

At iBPC, Hargrove showed that he is a strong-willed player with the ability to take over a game. With his team down 12 points in the first half of the championship game,  Hargrove hit three three-pointers, launching a comeback that would propel Team Maillie to the iBall Pro Combine Championship.  Hargrove would finish with 15 points, 2 steals, 3 dunks, and a value of 23.

Hargrove was recently named to the Daktronics All-Region South 2nd Team.  He also became the University of Mount Olive’s first-ever Conference Carolinas Men’s Basketball Defensive Player of the Year.  Hargrove ranked second in the conference with 8.4 rebounds per game and just under two steals and one blocked shot per contest.

Games StatsScreen Shot 2015-06-05 at 7.48.46 AM

Athletic Tests StatsScreen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.41.35 PM

click here for complete resume of Kendall Hargrove


STEVEN WEINGARTEN ( 6’8″ 225lb.  SF  NBDL  no agent)

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.25.30 PMSteven Weingarten is a hi IQ player with well polished interior and exterior basketball skills. He is good leading and trailing the fast break and always seems to be at the right place and at the right time when running the floor.

He is aggressive and effective in key moments of the game, posing his will on both ends of the floor.  From grabbing key rebounds to hitting big shots, he asserts himself very well in the clutch.  He has a pure shooting stroke with a quick release from both the three-point and mid-range.  He is a nice face up shooter with good size.  Across the board, scouts commented on his very smart and smooth play.

What makes Weingarten special is that he brings a strong mix of exterior and interior skills to the offensive end.  He is a player through which a team can run their offense.   Weingarten is very efficient with his back to the basket.  When working in the short post, he catches, reads his defender and either turns, shoots, and knocks down the 12-footer or spins baseline to score or pass to the opposite corner for the open shot.   Weingarten also runs the floor.  He is comfortable and effective attacking off the dribble from top of the key.  He is good on help Defensive and also looks to draw charges.

Statistically, Weingarten earned his ‘smart player’ label as he was the only player to log zero turnovers throughout the entire tournament.  He was #1 in total Defensive Rebounds (12 rebounds) and 2nd overall in Valoration per game (17.0).  Steven led team Social Solutions to the iBPC Final.

After graduating from Lasalle University in 2011, Weingarten played last 2 years with NBDL.  His rookie season culminated in a dominant stretch of 30+point- and 15+ rebound- games with the Goldfields Giants of the Australia State League, Weingarten played the last 2 seasons in NBA Developmental League with the Philadelphia 87ers and the Canton Charge, respectively.

Game Stats

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 9.24.31 PM

Athletic Tests Stats

sw ath

click here for complete resume of Steven Weingarten

DEVON PELTIER (5’11”, 175 PG, SG, International Pro, no agent, conotou)

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.36.08 PMDevon Peltier is a total package scoring point guard. He is a super-tough athlete, excellent shooter with very high proficiency from both 3-pt and mid-range.  He attacks the basket with reckless abandon.  His quick first step, superior leaping ability (36.5 in.) and upper body strength allow him to strong at the rim.

Devon excels in an up-tempo pace.  He is very fast with and without the ball and can beat defenses down the down court off the dribble.  He is also proficient in the half court game.  He has good court awareness and directs the offense very well, putting his teammates in places where they will be successful.

Peltier is constantly applying pressure on opposing defenses.  His quick first step allows him to get into the lane and pass.  His pressure also carries over to the defensive end.  He has great on-ball pressure with quick feet and hands.

Peltier displayed his superiority statistically for Team MAXOUT at iBPC 2015.  He ranked #1 overall in 4 statistical categories which included, assists per game (4.0) and 3-point shots made per game (5.0), the latter being an iBPC record.  He ranked #2 overall in both Valoration per game (17.0) and Points per game (17.5). He was also the #5 Best Overall Athlete according to stats by MAXOUT.

After graduating from Cal State Fullerton (NCAA D1), Peltier traveled to Oviedo Spain (LEB Silver) to finish the season.  He as since played with the US Virgin Island National Team, Premier Basketball League (PBL), and most recently in Aspeitia, Azkoitia Spain (LEB Silver) where he scored 20+ points in each of last 6 games to finish the season.

Games Stats

devon sts

Athletic Tests Stats

dp stat

click here for complete resume of Devon Peltier

NICK MOORE (6’6″  220lb  SF/PF  NCAA D2  no agent)

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.41.17 PMNick Moore proves to be a strong, well-rounded player and relentless competitor that would make an important contribution to teams at many levels.  Physically he is dominant, with a strong base,  superior upper body strength, a hardnosed, ‘fighter’ attitude to match.  He is an excellent offensive and defensive rebounder, with good timing on jumps, explosive leaping ability, and a good knack for tracking the ball.

Moore has great court awareness and is an efficient player that can quietly fill up the stats sheet.  When playing in the post offensive set, he reads his defender well and utilizes his body and the rim to attack the basket and finish plays, sometimes above the rim.  His face up reads, swing-through move, footwork, and fearlessness in which he attacks both the basket and the offensive and defensive rebounds are some of the many qualities that make Nick Moore a special player.

A fearless competitor, he sacrifices his body to get things done.  He is a good shot blocker and has very good defense on the ball.  Moore showed an ability to guard on perimeter.

At iBPC 2015 and playing for Team MAXOUT, Moore Led all players in 13 Statistical Categories, some of which included; Points per Game (17.5), Valoration (20.5), Offensive Rebounds per Game (6.0), Defensive Rebounds per Game (5.0), Free throws, and Total Rebounds.

Nick Moore recently completed his Senior year at Nyack College, earning back-to-back All-CACC Honors.  He was also named this season’s Team MVP.  Nick tallied 761 points, 392 rebounds and 69 blocks in two years at Nyack.  In his senior season, Nick was nationally Ranked (62) in FG% at 53.3% , Nationally Ranked (47) in Offensive Rebounds Per Game at 2.96 ORPG.

Games Stats

nick moor stats

Athletic Tests Stats

nm ath

click here for complete resume of Nick Moore

JOE BELL   (6’6″  220lb   F   NCAAD2   no agent)

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.50.05 PMJoe Bell is a player with a high basketball IQ, and many tools, both skills-wise and athletically, that he utilizes to be a dominant force on the floor.  Physically, he is a strong, both at the base and in his upper body–and his superior lateral movement and sprinting ability (5.73 sec MDM #1 overall) allow him to slash to the basket at will where and be a strong finisher.   His wide shoulders and long arms (103.5 ” reach) and explosive jumping ability make his a solid rebounder.

Offensively, Joe has good ball-handling, a very quick first step, and good shooting from three-point range.  He is a super-versatile player that can score in a number of ways.   He is a tough matchup for both wing and interior players, and often find himself and foul line with his ability to get defenders out of position and forcing fouls and mistakes.

His game is smooth and he always seems to be under control, but he is also very aggressive.  Joe has the ability to attack the basket relentlessly and effectively from anywhere on the court.  His multi-dimensional game translates well to a position where he can be the focal point to a team’s offense who is looking for a strong inside out threat. Even without the ball in hand, he moves very well, slashing to open areas in the defense, where he catches balls in traffic and finishes strong above the rim or with acrobatic shots.

At iBPC, Joe displayed an ability to take over the game and led Team Goodfellas to an overtime win to advance to the tournament semi-finals.  A tough matchup for any defender, Joe led all players in Free Throws Attempted (19.0).  He also was #1 in multi-directional movement (5.74 sec.) according to stats by MAXOUT. Joe ranked 5th overall in points per game (12.7) and 6th in overall player value and average rebounds per game.

Joe capped off an outstanding career at Mansfield University by becoming the school’s All-Time Leading Scorer (1904 total points).  A Four-time All-PSAC honoree, Bell also earned National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) All-District and Daktronics All-Atlantic Region second team honors over his career.  In 2014, Bell averaged 21.8 points per game, ranking 15th in the Nation among players in NCAAD2.

Games Stats

jb stats

Athletic Tests Stats

jb ath

click here for complete resume of Joe Bell

ISAAC MEDEIROS   (6’6″  230lb  SF/PF  NCAAD2  no agent)

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.58.54 PMIsaac Medeiros is an excellent ball handler with good footwork and a high basketball IQ. He is always moving, with or without the basketball, and is always working to quietly get things done.  Madeiros is also a very efficient player who makes the most out of his opportunities.

Madeiros is a versatile player that can play to facing up from the perimeter or with his back to the basket in the short or low post. He uses an array of head and ball fakes to get opponents off balance and then counters with a shot or attack dribbling to the basket.

He has good footwork in the low post and fights actively for 2nd chance opportunities. He is also a solid passer out of the post.  His activity on the offensive rebounds leads to second chance opportunities.  His defensive rebounds lead to fast break opportunities that he is able to lead off of the dribble.  He has good court vision with the ball in his hands.  He is also patient and uses back, side dribbles, and an in-and-out move to create space and attack.  His 1-2-dribble pull ups are effective tools that he uses from the wing.

Defensively, Madeiros uses excellent body positioning, long arms (103 inch reach), and sacrifices his body to create havoc.  He deflects passes, dives for loose balls, and blocks shots very well.

Madeiros led Team M&M Lube to the iBPC semi-finals.  Statistically, he led all players in 4 statistical categories.  His 5.5 2-pt FG made, 2.5 steals, and 1.5 blocks were all combine bests.  His Player value of 13.0 per game was fourth best among all players and he also averaged 12.0 points and 3.5 rebounds respectively.

During his senior season at Roberts Weslyan University,  Madeiros averaged 15.2 points and 6.5 Rebounds earning NCCAA All-America First Team and 2nd Team All-ECC.

Games Stats

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 11.21.05 PM

Athletic Tests Stats

isaac mad ath

click here for complete resume of Isaac Medeiros


For A Complete List of All 2015 Men’s iBall Pro Combine Players, with Resumes that include Bios, Career History, Video, References, Agency, and Contact Info Please Click Here.

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