2015 Men’s & Women’s iBall Pro Basketball Combine: Everything you need to know

2015 Men’s & Women’s iBall Pro Combine  & Healthy Families Basketball Clinic


iBall United Sports Agency empowers you to showcase player talents to scouts, coaches, and other professional personnel, in the U.S. and abroad. By demonstrating players’ overall capacity to perform, and advocating on their behalf, we maximize our opportunities to work together toward the goals of finding and signing players to the opportunity that matchers their preference, experience, and style of play.

Furthermore, we educate players about the business of pro basketball and equip players with tools that will increase the potential value of current and future offers received.

We are confident that our passion, service, and extensive resources will be unmatched by any other agency.  Founded by former professional basketball players and driven by NBPA and FIBA licensed

agents with expertise in the fields of law, finance, marketing, and professional training, iBall is uniquely positioned to help players achieve success at the highest level.

iBall Pro Combine is structured in a way that will inform scouts on key metrics associated with professional evaluation. These include:

  • Athleticism.
  • Reading Plays And Decision-Making.
  • Levels of Contribution to A Winning Team.
  • Attitude.


Men’s combine informational overview:


Women combine informational overview: www.iballunited.com/women_ibpc_2015fb34796

Submit application:



Saturday & Sunday  May 30 – 31, 2015  from 10am –  7pm

*women players should arrive at 9:00am sharp on Saturday May 30th for checkin

*men players should arrive at 3:00pm sharp on Saturday May 30th for checkin


Pottstown Strom Gymnasium 750 N. Washington St., Pottstown, PA 19464

(suburban Philadelphia, PA)


Howard Brown – iBall Founder and Chairman. With 13 years of pro playing experience in 7 countries across the world. Brown retired with 2 scoring titles and 2 championships at the professional level and brings his pro basketball expertise to iBall United.

Michael Walker – FIBA and NBPA Licensed Agent and CEO of iBall Management, a full service sports agency.

Crista Ricketts – International Scouting Coordinator.  Former International Pro.  Recently inducted to the Philadelphia BIG 5 Hall of Fame.

Eric Cantrell –  Director of Player Development, Situational Drills Guru

John Allen – Scouting Director. Former International Pro (Finland, Israel, Germany, Poland, Dominican Republic)

Maxout Strength Systems – Founding Partner, Vice-President & Coo, Matt Cubbler is  Building Mind, Body and Soul of Teens & Young Adults with revolutionary training science and methodology.  Matt and his team at Maxout will lead in all athletic tests.

Brian Salter –  iBall Accredited Scout. Head Coach, Atlantic Coast Crusaders (US Semi-Pro)

Tony Devine – Pro Basketball Trainer and Founder of The Original Profender, featured on Shark Tank and in Use by Miami Heat, Dallas Mavericks, Brooklyn Nets and more.

BasketballPlayerAdvisor.com –  Basketball Player Advisor is a scouting affiliate for NBA, FIBA, and Spain National and other European Teams.  BPA bringing a high level mix of scouting and video editing to produce some of the most comprehensive video scouting materials that Pro Level Executives will find.

Big Star Raw Sports – Media Director and Producer of Documentaries, Highlight Reels, and Vintage Games.

Partner Agencies & Team Management – Main Line Sports Management, Arete Sports Management (USA), Russel Hoops (England), Wright Sports Enterprises (USA), Basketball Planet (Korea), Super Pro Potential Europa SL (Spain). More GMs will attend or view the video from locations across the world including reps from Oviedo Basket, Cai Zaragoza, and Palencia (Spain) and more.


Players that play with Passion and Respect for Game

Poise Effort and Execution in all facets of game – offense, defense, attitude, and character.

Exceptional Decision-Making, Scoring, Shooting, and/or Rebounding and Athleticsm

Mastery of Pick and Roll Situations, Game Reads, and Movement without the Ball

Superb Conditioning and Elite Athletism

The Ability to Dominate All Oppositions



For Players:  We are accepting early deposits to secure your spot. The remainder is due before or on May 30th.  Please request an official invitation for costs and other details.

For Scouts, Agents, and Pro Coaches:  Attendance is free.  We also offer free accommodations for a number pro personnel.  Register In Advance Here:  http://iballunited.net/contact.html



Call following 2 hotels above and Ask for: “iBALL UNITED PRO COMBINE DISCOUNT”

1. Valley Forge Casino Resort  – $99 per nite

1160 1st Ave, King of Prussia, PA 19406

(610) 354-8118


2. Days Inn – $70 per nite

1600 Industrial Hwy, Pottstown, PA 19464

(610) 327-3300


More Area Hotels:




* Partner Hotel to Gym is free and included in Camp Fee

Hotel > Gym: Free shuttle service between partner hotels and combine location

provided both days. Register first, then contact us to request pick-up.



Pick up from PHL, contact Tropiano shuttle services at:


phone: (215) 616-5370


Reading Regional Airport (RDG) approx. 30 minutes from Gym

Lehigh Valley International Airport (LBE) approx. 45 minutes from Gym

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) approx. 55 minutes from Gym

WHAT TO BRING (registered players)

  • Completed Insurance and Image Release Waivers  * please do not email, bring it with you.  If you cannot print it, then we will have them at door for you fill out.
  • Black Shorts, We provide numbered Jerseys
  • 2 Towels – for personal use
  • Bag with personal lock – we will not be responsible for lost or stolen items in the locker rooms access
  • Sports Snacks (Bananas, Fruit Bar, Gatorade, Pickle Juice if you Cramp) Food is Available on Site. Water provided free during all training activities.



There will be prizes and giveaways for fans that tweet the best selfies.  Use hashtag #ibpc2015  to shout out your favorite selfie

Purchase Tickets in Advance

  • Family of 3 – $15
  • Adults- $10
  • Student- $5 


  • Evaluation starts Immediately.  Attention to Detail and strong character will work to your advantage.
  • There are 4 Parts to iBall Pro Combine
    • Skills and Drills Rotation
    • Athletic Tests
    • Tournament
    • Interviews & Signings (select players)
  • Controlled environment.  No guests will be permitted in Restricted Areas.
  • Recorded and photographed for extensive marketing purposes.
  • Interviews and other Marketing Opportunities for Players and Management



Sat May 30,2015

8:30 am Pickup from Partner Hotels (request in advance)

9am Player Checkin at Gym

10am – 1pm    Session 1:  Skills Evalution, Athletic Tests, Games

1:30pm Healthy Families Basketball Clinic (volunteer only, not required)

Sunday May 31

8:30 am Pickup from Partner Hotels (request in advance)

10am – 1pm Tournament

2pm Championship



Sat May 30,2015

1:30pm Healthy Families Basketball Clinic (volunteer only, not required)

2:30 pm Pickup from Partner Hotels (request in advance)

3pm Player Checkin at Gym

4pm – 7pm      Session 1:  Skills Evalution, Athletic Tests, Games


Sunday May 31

1:30 pm Pickup from Partner Hotels (request in advance)

3pm – 7pm Tournament

7pm Championship



With the 2015 Healthy Families Initiative, iBPC will also engage and entertain area families. The Healthy Families Basketball Clinic will take place on Saturday, May 30th at 1:30pm.

The Healthy Families Basketball Clinic is presented by Social Solutions Global Inc. and is in Partnership with Applebees Pottstown and ID Life.


The Cinic features A Fresh Start Fitness, the training and entertainment sensation that is taking the nation by storm! A Fresh Start Fitness will lead in a fun and engaging ‘follow the leader’ warmup activity. Then families will participate in fun and engaging group basketball competitions under the direction of the Trojans Summer Basketball Program.

Basketball drills will be similar to sessions conducted by professional prospects in the iBall Pro Combine. As a special treat, professional prospects from iBall Pro Combine will participate with youth throughout the clinic and the event will culminate in a Kids vs Grownups competition!

The Clinic is FREE for the first 100 participants who have tickets or vouchers to enter iBall Pro Combine. Registration begins when doors open at 9:30am and on a first come first served basis.  Tickets are available for purchase at select locations in the Pottstown and Surrounding Areas as well as online at: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/iball-united-pro-basketball-exposure-showcase-tickets-15590235815

For more information, go to http://www.iballunited.com

or send email to info@iballunited.com


About iBall United

A Sports Management, Marketing, and Consulting Agency.
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1 Response to 2015 Men’s & Women’s iBall Pro Basketball Combine: Everything you need to know

  1. Shannon yahn says:

    I know a very educated women of the game whose 26 years old that has never lost the love and passion for the game we call basketball. She is a Head Varsity Coach in the greater Los Angeles area at University High School. This will be her first year running her own program. It won’t be any new news she has also worked along side her college coach and mentor Coach Lydia Strong. Karlia Batalla is a one of a kind player that everyone must have on there team. Highly motivated and knows the game better than anyone else. Makes smart decision making and does an excellent job getting everyone involved on both sides of the court.
    Karlia Batalla is a 5’7 PG with pure talent with excellent play calling. An excellent leader not only on the court, but off as well. Don’t waste your time, go nowhere else, Karlia Batalla is the right one for you!

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