2014 Men’s Pro Scouting Report for iBall Pro Basketball Combine

2014 iBall Pro Combine Mens Scouting ReportiBall United is excited to announce the official release of the 2014 Men’s Pro Scouting Report from iBall Pro Combine

The report includes comprehensive scouting materials on 50 of the best U.S. Men’s Free Agents of 2014 and features some of the following:

  • Detailed Player Attribute Reviews
  • Speed and Athletic test scores by MAXOUT
  • Fully Customized Signing Resumes (most players)
  • Video scouting reports by Basketballplayeradvisor.com  (most players)
  • Easily Translated in 60+ Languages
  • All Game and Drills Video
  • Game Statistics
  • Player and Agency Contact Information
  • Much More!

Each year, iBall United strives to deliver the most comprehensive scouting report of the summer signing period.  And with the help of our most talented players to date, we are confident that the 2014 Men’s Pro Scouting Report is our best report ever!

Click Here to check out the 2014 Men’s Pro Scouting Report


The iBall Mission to build and sustain the successful careers of players, agents, and other basketball management across the globe.  Select from a suite of services, many of which can be customized to fit your unique needs.

•Help Finding Teams and Agents  •iBall Pro Combine  •Pro Signing Resumes •Finding and Signing Your Next Player   •Help with Evaluating Offers or Contracts, Professional Marketing Packages  •Pro Camps, Tryouts, and Tours  •Customized Video Packages  •Ratings for Camps Tours and Tryouts   •Finding Answers to Common Questions   •Free Pro Player Guide   •Get Scouted

About iBall United

A Sports Management, Marketing, and Consulting Agency.
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1 Response to 2014 Men’s Pro Scouting Report for iBall Pro Basketball Combine

  1. iBall United says:

    The 2014 iBall Pro Combine scouting reports is getting lots of positive feedback from player personnel. We’d love to hear from you too!

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