2014 All iBall Pro Combine First Team Selections Announced

2014 iBall Pro Combine Foul Shot Full ViewWe’re excited to announce the 2014 All iBall Pro Combine First Team! Choosing the best of the best was not an easy task as this year’s pool of players were very competitive and showcased a high level of talent and many different skill sets.  Scouting notes were taken by a group of current and current Professional coaches, agents, and players.   Results of Athletic Tests conducted by MAXOUT, as well as player attitude reports were also considered.  Game stats, individual workout results conducted by TheOriginalProfender, and player character reports were added to the evaluations.  Summaries were then compiled and critiqued.  So without further adieu, we are excited to announce the All-iBall Pro Combine First Team!


DESHAWN CURTIS  (6’7″, 224lb, SF/PF, iBall United)

deshawn curtisDeshawn Curtis led all combine players with a #1 ranking in 14 Statistical Categories. Some of his numbers include the following;  18.3 points per game (#1 overall),  27.3 points valoration per game (#1 overall), 8 rebounds per game (#1 overall including 3.7 offensive-#2 overall), 1.7 assists per game, 22 total field goals made (#1 overall), and 24 total rebounds (#1 overall) to name a few.

Displays innate ability to draw contact and finish plays above the rim.   Reads what defense gives him… Beats taller defenders by turning, facing, and taking them to the basket off of the dribble… Smaller defenders are dominated in the post.. great form and accuracy when shooting the 3-point shot.  Lateral Lane Shuttle score of 3.9 seconds (according to stats by MAXOUT) was 8th overall.


ANTHONY WINBUSH ( 6’7″ 205 lb, SG/SF, Vector Sports)

Anthony Winbush

Proven professional ability meets versatility and a strong command of play on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court.  On his way to the 2014 iBall Pro Combine Championship, Anthony Winbush ranked #1 overall in total defensive rebounds (17), #2 in total rebounds (23), and #4 in Valoration per game (15.5).  He also averaged 10.3 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 1.8 assists leading an extremely balanced attack by the champions. Always playing within his abilities, Winbush shot 72% from 2-point range.

But Winbush’s game speaks louder than numbers.  With a superb mix of size and speed (tied for #6 in overall athletic Ability according to stats by MAXOUT), Winbush displayed one of the best abilities to play with back to the basket as well as facing up and shooting from long-range.  Winbush has a number of moves and great footwork in post play.  He is very smooth in transition and dominant when the putting the ball on the floor, as he uses very few dribbles and a number of ball fakes and angles to finish strong and at a high rate of accuracy around the basket.   A proven winner (VA State Championship ’07) and polished professional, Winbush averaged 17 points 6.3 rebounds 3.6 assists and 1.7 steals in 2013-14 for the APBL Alexandria Aces.  An even-keeled demeanor, Winbush won over coaches, teammates, and iBall staff with charisma and professionalism.

ALLEN WILLIAMSON (6’4″ 210 lb, SG/SF, agency n/a)

allen williamson

Strong. Dominant. Super-Athletic.  Allen Williamson fought his way to the 2014 iBall Pro Combine Championship, ranking #1 in total Field goals made (22), #1 in 3-point shooting % (63%), #1 in multi-directional movement (6.6 secs), #2 in Overall Athletic Ability, and #6 in valoration per game (14.8). Excelling with ball in his hands, Allen quickly identifies his advantage, pulling up for three, slashing to the basket and finishing plays with either hand, or stopping and popping the 1-2 dribble pull-up.

Williamson displayed the best mid-range game of all campers, frequently pulling up from 14-16 feet after 1-2 dribbles, strong dribbles.  He is a powerful and willing defender with quick hands.    His experience as a professional player overseas (Luxembourg) shined through in situational drills as he showed solid decision-making and command of the pick and roll.

A proven winner and prolific scorer, Williamson is a 2-time EIL MVP, 3-time EIL Champion, and still holds the career points record at Pinegree (2096 total points scored). Many iBall Pro Combine Scouts and Coaches were complimentary of Williamson’s strong leadership and positive outlook, one coach stated that he is ‘driven, very coachable with tons of upside.’

BRYCE CLARK (6’7″ 215 lb, SF/PF, Juan Lopez)

bryce clark

Inside, Outside, with tons of Upside.  Bryce Clark ‘s 18.0 Points Valoration per Game was tied for #2 overall.  He also dominated on the rebounding glass, ranking #1 overall in defensive rebounds per game (6.5) and #2 in total Rpg. (8.5 per game).   In addition, Clark wreaked havoc in the passing lanes with very active hands and ranked #1 (tie) in Steals Per Game.

Clark’s length and versatility, on the offensive and defensive ends of the court, allow him to occupy many positions on the floor.  He has superior ball handling ability for a player his size and when making swift moves after quick decisions, he attacks the basket and finishes very well.  Clark is also adept at clearing defensive rebounds to start the fast break.   But it is his activity on the glass, three-point shooting, and ability to quickly identify mismatches for attacking bigger and slower defenders that will set him apart.  A proven winner, Clark claimed 2 SWAC Championships at Southern University (NCAA D1).

JOE GRAESSLE (6’3″ 205 lb, PG, SG, iBall United)

Joe Graessle

Excellent shooting ability and superior foot speed.  Joe Graessle, the nation’s NCAA Division II Career Points Leader (2009-14) did not disappoint at the 2014 iBall Pro Combine.  Graessle shot the ball extremely well in both games and situational drills ranking #1 (tie) in 3 pointers made per game (3) and averaging 16.0 points (tie-#2), and 16.5 valoration (tie-#3).  Joe boasts range up to 26 foot with a skill set to create shooting opportunities in a variety of ways– off the dribble, running off and reading screens to catch and shoot, set shots with a quick release and solid mechanics, and reading the shooting advantages out off of pick and roll situations.

But Graessle’s talents do not stop at his scoring ability.  According to stats by MAXOUT, Joe has superior lateral movement (#2-tie) and his multi-directional movement score ranked #3 (tie) overall.  Joe also has the capacity to create scoring opportunities for other players which is supported by a 2.0 assists per game. ‘Extremely coachable and ready to learn’ were some of the many positive comments reported by scouts and coaches.

RUNDELL MAUGE (7’1″  260 lb, C, iBall United)

rundell mauge

Active defensive Specialist with Soft Hands and Solid Shooting Mechanics. Rundell Mauge was the combine’s #1 shot-blocker (2.5 per game), #1 in overall field goal percentage (88% FG), and #3 (tie) in Valoration points per game (16).   Mauge not only has the ability to block shots, but he is extremely active in disrupting all activity in the lane.   During tournament play, Mauge displayed a soft shooting touch connecting on all shots attempted from 10-14 ft.  He also showed good mechanics on a right jump hook.

Rounding out his stats, Mauge ranked 2nd in defensive rebounds per game (5.5) and 4th in total rebounds per game (7.5 rebounds).   Mauge still holds the record for blocked shots in an NCAA D2 Tournament game (10) and has a very high upside once strength and playing experience (Mauge began playing basketball late as a teenager) catch up with his solid character and willingness to get better.

For A Complete List of All 2014 iBall Pro Combine Players, with Resumes that include Bios, Career History, Video, References, Agency, and Contact Info Please Click Here.

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