Yahoo! Sports Shout-Out to iBall United Article for NBA Legends

Anytime you’re associated with NBA Hall of Fame Basketball Players and Yahoo! all in the same news release, then it’s something worth noting.

yahoo nba

So when Jason Williams and Scottie Pippen deliver the biggest highlight of the recent NBA Legends tour to China, and Yahoo! Sports uses an iBall United post as a reference in the article, then iBallians everywhere should be celebrating!

The article and video feature news about the tour and one of the only video clips released thus far following the China Tour.  The video clip is a mini mix tape showcasing one of Wiliams’ a.k.a. White Chocolate’s behind the back elbow passes. In the highlight, NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen runs step-for-step on the fast break to receive the pass and convert the foul and finish.

Former stars like Williams, Pippen, Tracy McGrady and Gary Payton joined rising prospect Aquille Carr and other players to tour China for exhibition games against local players for Chinese fans.

For the Record: The iBall United link reference can be found in the third paragraph linked to the text NBA Legends Tour, and it directs visitors to a May 2013 post in the iBall University blog.  The July 10, 2013 mention is iBall’s biggest new media victory to date.

Many Big Ups to Dan Devine and songs of praise to CityLeagueHoopsTV for showing us love.


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