What Will I Learn? Common Questions to Ask About Any Pro Camp

This is a question I wish we’d get more?

Believe it or not, you never stop learning new ways to improve as a player and as a professional in the game of basketball.  Start to embrace every experience as an opportunity to learn something new.

Camps may or may not feature a learning aspect, per se, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek knowledge at every turn.

Student of the business

If you talk to any vet long enough, you might hear them say, “if I woulda known then, what I know now, I probably would have made a lot more money. ”  When they say this, it has nothing to do with playing the game, and everything to do with what happens off the court.

There are so many experiences, especially for overseas ballers, that the stuff you learn from one year to the next is incredible.  Things like; what to ask for in your contract, what to look out for when signing a deal in a particular country or team.   How to go about building a relationship with management of the organization.  These are all things that you learn more and more over time.  Seek out that knowledge and get it working for you as early as possible.  It will add thousands to your bank account.

The featured benefit

If a camp is featuring some kind of learning aspect as part of their program, take a close look at what you are expected to get out of it.  Ask yourself if you need it, and if it’s coming at a premium, consider a different camp if it’s not something you really need to learn.

For example, maybe your university already did a wonderful job to teach you how to train your body for peak performance.  You many not need to pay a premium to learn training techniques by some fitness expert.

Find and Seek

Even if it’s not on the flyer, learning is a part of the process to finding success at the highest level.  Many camp instructors are experienced professionals in the sport of basketball.  Seek them out during camp and pick their brains with questions.

Not only will you be planting seeds for relationships with people who may be willing to help you, you’ll be getting first-hand knowledge from someone who’s been through the trenches and has jewels to bless you with.

Starting a conversation about their careers will spark nostaligia.  What baller doesn’t like speaking about good old times his career?  After you get them talking, a lot of times they’ll be more than willing to share tidbits of information. All you have to do is ask.

Student of the game

When I started out, the veteran players would always tell me how much the game “slowed down” as they got older.  They talked about this time in the distant future when I would be able to see plays develop before they even happened.  I thought they were nuts, until it really happened.

Some camps will teach different aspects to the pro game that you may not find in any other place than a professional practice.   Embrace this opportunity to add important pieces to your game.  Listen and implement the things that translate easily to you game.

Camp 101: Never play outside of yourself and try to do something that you really can’t.  The film never lies.

What’s something that you’d like to learn at camp?  Visit the knowledge zone at iballu.net and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, hit us up, we’ll help find the answer.  Knowledge is power!  Live. Love. Learn.

Learn more about how iBall United is helping players to build and sustain professional careers by visiting our website at http://www.iballunited.net

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