Who Will Be There? Top Questions to Ask About Pro Free Agent Exposure Camps

The good thing about this question is that players ask it alot. The bad thing is they ask it for all the wrong reasons. 

When you ask this question, you have to consider the type of camp you’re talking about.  The “Who”, as we like to call it, will be different for each type of camp.

Need some info on types of pro camps?  check this out

For example, if you’re considering a camp that calls itself an NBA pre-draft camp,   you need to know how many teams will be represented, and how many NBA scouts will be there.

What out for Camp Advertisement Trickery

Don’t fall for this one.

“Our camp is held during the NBA / WNBA meetings.  So they will stop by our camp too.”

Think about it.  When Beyonce comes to your city, and there’s a big party planned that she’s expected to attend.  On your way to the Beyonce party, would you stop by the Big Karaoke party that’s happening down the street?


So don’t expect NBA / WNBA scouts to do the same.

More Trickery

If it says “we have contacts with coaches from X,Y, and Z country” but it doesn’t say those coaches will actually be there, then most likely, they won’t.

If organizers do say those coaches will go, then make sure you find the coaches, and introduce yourself when you get there.  Nothing beats a superb performance AND a great conversation.  You could plant a seed that keeps you fresh in the coach’s mind for weeks to come.

Team budgets are steadily decreasing.  Less traveling is required by coaches and teams. More information is shared between organizations and all required player data is steadily becoming more accessible by way of the world wide web.

Sometimes Decision-Makers WILL Be There

When the camp is a huge, big budget camp that’s expecting a large amount of players, then organizers can afford to fly coaches in. So  they’ll be there.  Still, there’s a fine line between a trip that’s planned for wining and dining management for a vacation, and a real scouting business trip.

The likelihood of coaching staff being at the camp increases greatly if the camp is held in proximity to a large amount of professional teams,  such as a when camp is held in a small foreign country.  In that case, you can expect to see them there.

The best type of camp that guarantees to have all the coaches there is when a league holds a camp and later drafts players straight from camp.   South Korea has been known to do this type of camp in the U.S..  Most times you will need to be invited to this type of camp.

“The Who” For Agency Camps

If you’re planning to attend a camp that’s run by an agency, then asking how many agents will be would be a mistake.   For this type of camp, you should only expect to see that agency.  If it’s a large agency, then they may be able to afford to fly some coaches in.  I have been to camps where they’ve invited other agents, but if the agent works alone, then it could very easily be just him and a few of his partners.

This is important, because if you’ll only be showcased at the camp, with no video put online (not some dvd) or scouting report released about how you played, then you need to ask the agent what kind of players, positions, etc. he’s looking for.  That’s because your only shot of having a productive camp experience, is signing with his agency.

This article explains how to research the agency’s current list of players.  It can tell you alot about your chances for signing with them. Hit ‘em up on facebook and ask ‘em some questions.

Check out the countries and teams they’ve signed players in, it will tell you alot about the level of players they represent and if they have room on their roster for a player like you.

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