The 16th Annual Women’s Pro-Am Invitational Free Agent Basketball Camp

The camp, which is sponsored by Floyd Mayweather’s Lottery Soda and Wing Heaven, will now be held April 28-29 at the Redan Recreation Center located at 1839 Phillips Road in Lithonia, Ga. All eight teams that will be playing in the WBA this season will be in attendance as well as scouts and agents from the NBA, Mexico and other international leagues. Statistics and videotapes will be given to each player who tries out. Also, there will be Basic Athletic Measurement (NBA testing) for all players as well. For players, scouts and coaches coming in from long distances away, there’s a special hotel rate at a hotel close to the tryout site.

League / Organization Name: 

Merit Management Group, INC.

Date and Time:  

Sunday, April 7th


L B Landry High School
1200 L B Landry Avenue
New Orleans, La 70114





Message to Players Who Attend:

The best thing we can do is to have a player’s feedback about their experience. If you’ve ever attended this camp please offer feedback.  If you plan to attend, please come back and tell us about your experience.


-iBall United

*DISCLOSURE: iBall United does its best to recommend only the best camps, tryouts and exposure opportunities. However, we cannot guarantee the authenticity or effectiveness of any event that is not conducted by iBall United.

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