Brittney Griner does NOT Suck

Men and Women play the game differently.  Yes.  I get it.  But when I hear somebody say “she plays like a man” it makes me
know one thing….

…..That person knows nothing about the game of basketball.

Players, like people, come in all different types, shapes, sizes, and colors.   So anytime you try to put one into a box, such as gender, you quickly get into trouble.

Brittney Griner is arguably the most dominant women’s NCAA basketball player ever, and coming off another stellar performance, the chatter has once again started to pick up.

‘Shorty balls like a man.’

Stop it.

Look, we’ve all seen and played against men ballers that really suck.  If you haven’t noticed, Brittney Griner does NOT suck.

If you’d like to compare her skills set to that of a man in particular, then cool.  Maybe you think her drop step is similar to that of a young Tim Duncan.  Or, maybe her superior athleticism at the women’s level is equivalent to Blake Griffin’s on the men’s side.  I can dig that.

Those kinds of statements show you know a little bit about the game.  It also shows that you put some real thought into what you were trying.

I’m done for now.  I’ll let Josh Tinley take it from here.


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