to Offer Custom Scouting Videos for 2013 iBall Pro Exposure Combine

They say pictures are worth a thousand words.  Well, in that case, video is worth a million.  Especially when it’s really good scouting video by

I’m really happy to announce that iBall United has teamed up with as our audio / visual partner for the 2013 iBall Pro Combine.

When I tell you that Jorge and “BPA” does the best scouting videos I’ve ever seen, I ain’t playin around.  Enough talk. U be the judge.

FULL DISCLOSURE: BPA will be offering custom scouting videos for players that attend the iBall combine, so in that case, we would have a financial interest.  BUT if you choose to purchase a custom scouting video from BPA on your own, without the combine, iBall gets no commission or anything like that. Just want to be totally clear. I truly do BPA has the best.  That’s why we got him for iBall Pro Select! 

About iBall United

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