When The Most Important Date Isn’t On the Camp Flyer

I’m gonna be a bit sarcastic here so bear with me.

Say you’re projected to be a late-first-to-second-round selection in this year’s NBA draft. That means you’re gonna have to go to NBA pre-draft camp so you can perform well, and improve your stock.

Here’s an idea.  How about waiting ‘til September 1st to register for camp?

See where I’m going here?


Too bad.  This needs to be driven home.  Plus it’s fun 🙂

So it’s September 1st, and you missed your chance to impress NBA teams and scouts in Chicago. You missed the individual team workouts. The NBA draft came and went and your stock took a serious hit. Some other players stole the attention of teams that would have drafted you had they been given a chance to see you play.

On top of that, summer league’s over, and you haven’t even begun to negotiate your contract yet.  You were the 15th pick of the 2nd round and you had the nerve to miss summer league, not move into the new city, or be working out with your new teammates and coaching staff .

Your NBA career is officially over, you just haven’t been told yet.

Timing is everything

The case above would never happen. Your agent would have been all over you the minute you thought about skipping out on pre-draft camp.  But for players that want to pursue their careers professionally on the international level, it happens all the time.

The international time schedule is different than the NBA’s–alot different. As a matter of fact, if you look at the top 25 Leagues across the world , the NBA season is one of the last 3 to begin.

Not understanding the timing of league schedules will hurt your chances to cash in on your opportunities. For example, most European leagues begin training camp in September. If you wait until the end of the summer to attend your first exposure camp,  your chances of getting into camp have greatly decreased.

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