Coach Doaty on Springs and Cogs in Basketball


Coach Randal S. Doaty

      The real challenge for any basketball coach is to assemble squad combinations that will be both efficient and productive. It might seem as simple as putting your best five players on the floor and letting them do their thing. Oddly, the best five players on a team don’t always make the best squad. Sometimes the least likeliest players become the key ingredients.

   A manual wristwatch has two primary components – springs and cogs. The same is true of a basketball squad. The spring provides the energy in the form of scoring and rebounds. Cogs are the gears that that make the energy from the springs become useful. You need both cogs and springs if you want a basketball squad to run like a clock.

   The Focus & Attitude Coach uses technology to assess player identity – whether they are a spring or a cog. Interestingly, these roles can change depending upon the chemistry of a group of five players. It does not remain the same. Recent advances in squad analysis have made the science of squad research possible. The use of BIMPS4 technology has helped these advances.

   If you are a player, you need to understand your role as a spring or a cog. The same is true of coaching staff. The random rotation of players in and out of a game is a poor way to try to find the peak performance potential of your team. Squad chemistry is truly a science worth studying. It may hold the greatest potential for real basketball innovation at every level of the sport.

About Coach Doaty

Coach Doaty is a sports performance quantification system pioneer and a mental coaching innovator. He has been researching, developing and implementing new tools and training programs for the sport of basketball for nearly two decades. He has spent the past 18 years studying data he has collected with his trademark intensity measurement point system called BIMPS. The term BIMPS is an acronym for Basketball Intensity Measurement Point System.
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