Coach Doaty on Focus and Attitude Coaching


Coach Randal S. Doaty

  The notion of having a specific coaching position dedicated to “Focus & Attitude Coaching” might seem absurd in the traditional basketball team model. Some folks might believe this position is nothing more than the average sports psychologist in sweats. The successful basketball teams of tomorrow will keep an open mind when it comes to the investment they are willing to make in a Focus & Attitude Coach and this innovative curriculum.
   For the past 18 years I have been developing tools that will allow me to assess mental state and basketball performance simultaneously. The use of traditional basketball statistics and box score could not give me the minute by minute precision analysis that I needed. The BIMPS4 software development enabled me to enter a whole new world of research into the mental aspects of basketball.

   Every player has a unique mental performance profile. Every squad also has a unique collective mental performance profile. The BIMPS4 software allows a trained Focus & Attitude Coach to track both mental and physical performances throughout the season. The data is remarkable and it can give new coaching insight on player rotations and squad chemistry. The role of the Focus & Attitude Coach is to study and recommend solutions to the head coach.

   The advent of Focus & Attitude Coach is really two fold. First, we now have the technology to collect data unlike any time in the past. Secondly, we have a generation of athletes that have been reared on a steady diet of highly, psychologically stimulating gadgets like video games, cell phones and 3D television. Any coach who believes this is not affecting athletic performance is highly mistaken. The Focus & Attitude Coach is an essential element for understanding this new breed of athlete.


About Coach Doaty

Coach Doaty is a sports performance quantification system pioneer and a mental coaching innovator. He has been researching, developing and implementing new tools and training programs for the sport of basketball for nearly two decades. He has spent the past 18 years studying data he has collected with his trademark intensity measurement point system called BIMPS. The term BIMPS is an acronym for Basketball Intensity Measurement Point System.
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