Coach Doaty on the Basketball Success Molecule


Coach Randal S. Doaty

   If success in basketball were a molecule it would consist of these four elements – focus, attitude, strategy and skill. The strategy and skill elements have long been hailed as the only two really important ingredients to basketball success. In reality, the focus and attitude components are what give strategy and skill their real power.

   Focus and attitude tend to be very abstract notions to both coaches and players. Few will argue that they are not necessary elements, but most cannot tell you exactly what they are. I consider myself to be a “Focus & Attitude” coaching specialist and I have adopted these simple definitions for the focus and attitude elements.
   Focus refers to place and time – whether you are mentally in the past, the present or in the future. The human mind is constantly shifting forward and backward in our thought process without us consciously being aware of the shifts. Our mind needs to be trained to stay in the here and now in a basketball contest to maximize our strategies and skills.
   Attitude refers to our mental charge – the positive, neutral or negative attitudes. Most people assume that a positively charged attitude is the best mental state for an athlete. This isn’t true. The most effective mental state is the neutral attitude to achieve peak athletic performance. Why? Because this is the mental state in which we learn and practice our strategies and skills.
   If you notice a drop in your ability to execute the strategy or access your true skill level, you probably need to take a closer look at your focus and attitude issues!


About Coach Doaty

Coach Doaty is a sports performance quantification system pioneer and a mental coaching innovator. He has been researching, developing and implementing new tools and training programs for the sport of basketball for nearly two decades. He has spent the past 18 years studying data he has collected with his trademark intensity measurement point system called BIMPS. The term BIMPS is an acronym for Basketball Intensity Measurement Point System.
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