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Tanzil Khan

Dhaka, Bangladesh

BSO to Mr. Khan for a the stellar scouting review he posted in the Basketball Scouting & Exposure Suite on iballu.net

Player Reviewed: Jack Taylor

Player Comparison: Joe Crispin

League(s) Approved For: Germany 2nd Division

Strengths:  Jack is very crafty with the ball. He can score in many different ways– shooting from deep or getting into the paint to do the floater. He has a very quick first step and makes fast decisive decisions with the ball. He also a very streaky shooter as he displayed to breaking the NCAA scoring record. He has the ability to create his shot off of the dribble, and if given time he will get off a good look for himself even when facing many defensive looks.

Attitude:  Jack has a strong motor, and plays at an intense level. Any player that scores like him must have a positive attitude – ready to take the next shot no matter what. It’s not easy to determine if he is a good teammate or is coachable. There is not enough video and the game that I saw was the best of his life. One observation thing I noted was that his teammates and coaches were very excited about watching his great performance. If makes one believe there is a good to great relationship there.

Things to Improve:  I would suggest he works on his upper body strength and also his ability to score quicker when having the ball in his hands, as at the professional level he will not have that much time to get his shot off. Something that is beyond his control is the level of competition he is playing against. If he wants to be taken seriously, he’s gonna have to prove himself against better players.

Additional Comments:  Jack is a very interesting player. Any player that can score 138 points in one game, no matter what the competition, is someone to keep your eye on. And alot of the shots he made were very tough! I look forward to watching Jack progress throughout his career. I’d like to finish by saying congratulations on his accomplishment and best of luck in the future.

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