You’re Not Alone. Coach Doaty and BIMPS to the Rescue

If you’re a basketball administrator that can’t understand why you have the league’s most talented team, but the season hasn’t yet panned out quite how you’d anticipated, then you’re


not alone.

If you’re a coach that could have benefited in games past by better utilizing your talent in key situations by knowing exactly what players to have on the court, then you’re also not alone.

If you’re a player that doesn’t light up the score board enough to earn a featured spot on the sports page, but few understand that the number of ‘W’s in the win column wouldn’t be as robust without your vital contribution, then good news my friend, you’re also not alone.

Meet Randy Doaty.  He’s created the secret sauce that can bring much delight to the three case samples above, as well as their many companions.  It’s called the BIMPS system.

With over 14 years of proven results, the system is now available for purchase in the iTunes App Store, and can be downloaded to the iPad.  How the system works is best described by Mr. Doaty himself.  Brian Kotloff of the Philadelphia Inquirer calls it ‘more advanced than anything the Sixers use.’

But one thing I can say for sure.  As a big fan of statistics, a pretty accomplished basketball player, and a true believer in the power of teamwork, if I were to ever take on a position as a court-side general, I’d want this handy, and powerful iPad app by my side.

With a 12-15 man roster and only 5 players to take the court at a time, coaches are faced with some super tough decisions.  After a real schooling about how the system works by the creator himself,  I’d advise coaches everywhere not to go at it alone.  BIMPS to the rescue!


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